Hi! I'm Caiseal.

Who I am

I'm a design researcher and creative technologist, originally from England and currently based in the Netherlands. My work lies at the intersection between design, technology and psychology, from interface design to cybernetics. In my work as a PhD candidate, I'm developing interfaces and mental models for quantum computers, with a focus on play as a learning mechanism.

What I've done

Having previously studied and worked in the architectural industry for 5 years, I completed my MSc in Design for Interaction at TU Delft. Alongside my studies I was part of Vibe Research Labs, a research collective investigating psychophysics and empirical aesthetics. During my thesis, I explored new ways of designing experiences using biodata and developed a scientifically validated platform to facilitate this ongoing work.

What I can do

I combine skills from the fields of art and engineering to produce creative and technically robust designs. I'm proficient in a range of design softwares and use a variety of programming languages and interfaces to realise my ideas. Additionally, I have experience in conducting both qualitative and quantitative design research, and producing academic publications.

To find out more, take a look at my full CV.