An interactive installation that explores the aesthetic properties of vibrations.
ViBlanket is a product concept that leverages the soothing properties of vibrations to aid sleep. Using a matrix of specialised haptic motors and touchscreen controls, a user can customise the blanket's vibration patterns and intensity to optimise their sleep experience.
The vibration motors use apparent haptic motion to create a "wave" effect across the user's body, as well as heartbeat and pulse modes. The weighted blanket also includes a fabric overlay with integrated LEDs that pulse and glow in time with the chosen vibration properties. Together, they gently encourage restful sleep.
ViBlanket is inspired by a student project completed during the Interactive Technology Design course at TU Delft's IDE Faculty. It was re-designed and constructed by myself and other members of Vibe Research Labs, and is currently in its first iteration with an aim to develop it to a market-ready state.