Future Mobility explores how the control interfaces of mobility products might be reimagined. Completed in a team of 5 students as part of the MSc Design for Interaction programme, the project focuses on applying a variety of user testing and prototyping techniques to drive ideation.
We focused on the redesign of physical and digital interfaces for a wheelchair control module for Sunrise Medical. The redesign was made specifically for elderly users with limited dexterity and technical literacy, whose needs are complex - a compelling design challenge. Intelligibility and ergonomics were therefore key considerations in our design process.
Alongside my role as a designer, I was the team's resident creative technologist, using physical and digital prototyping tools to create working mock-ups of our ideas for user testing. Pictured above is our final prototype: digital screens controlled by a physical joystick, using Arduino and p5, to simulate typical interactions with the control module and assess the logic of the application structure.